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In 1990, our first humble establishment, Swagath in Somajiguda successfully created this very essence that most aspire for, with only 15 tables. By serving delicious food in quantities reminiscent of a mother’s servings, we earned the trust, loyalty, and blessings of lakhs of customers who have supported us like pillars of steel ever since.

Today, our brands Swagath, Sitara, Fishland Express and Shubham Hotels are conveniently spread across the length and breadth of the twin cities and we have expanded into a group that has not only retained this homely essence, but also redefined it for our customers. With luxurious ambience, delicious food and our signature passion for customer service and satisfaction, we have continued to entice and surprise our loyal customers year after year, hotel after hotel, and visit after visit.

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Over the years, we have continuously developed our infrastructure, equipment and ingredients to be the best in the sector. However, despite this exponential growth in quality, quantity and the size of our establishments, we continue to ensure that your visit is as heavy on your appetite as it is light on your wallets. We offer a large bouquet of services in hospitality ranging from restaurants and bars to banquet halls and rooms while setting the highest standards in the segment for the same.

Unlike “residence”, “home” is a feeling that transcends physical and geographical bounds. It is an essence that can be felt anywhere if an environment of comfort, safety and joy is created. Home is a place where your mind can escape the never-ending maze of troubling choices that the outside world throws at you. It is where you can eat, stay, play and celebrate without any worldly distractions and we at Dhanturi Group Of Hotels, are wholly dedicated to the creation of this essence every time you step into our hotels.

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Our founders, Mr.Bhaskar Dhanturi, Mr.Ravinder Dhanturi and Mr.Hari Shankar Dhanturi are a powerful trifecta of men who remained true to their eminently humble origins throughout their entrepreneurial journey in the hospitality industry. Over 30 years ago, they set out on a bold mission to change the way Hyderabad experiences hospitality.

The Dhanturi Group of hotels is the brainchild of Mr.Ravinder Dhanturi, who is the chairman and Managing Director of the company.

With the foundational principle being “Athidhi Devo Bhava”, the Dhanturi brothers took the first step towards building the Dhanturi Group of Hotels with a modest establishment - Swagath Restaurant in 1991 in Somajiguda. The combination of home-style food, dedication to customers and comfortable interiors enabled this venture’s rise to success.

Over a span of 3 decades, their unwavering entrepreneurial spirit led them to creating a chain of hotels, banquets and restaurants that were accessible and affordable to all sectors, whilst maintaining superior standards. The mission of the Dhanturi Group is to provide exceptional service at competitive prices with a guest-centric model so that a wider range of people, mid to up-scale, can avail quality hospitality. The three brothers shifted gears and turned their vision into reality by launching restaurant after restaurant, serving lakhs of customers. They strived to take a transformative step towards delivering genuine hospitality and warmth to guests in their locale.

Today, The Dhanturi Group of hotels is a leading hospitality group in the mid-market segment, with over 32 properties operating with excellent standards. The brand portfolio of the Dhanturi group of hotels, consists of Swagath, Sitara, Fishland express and Shubham Hotels that offer banquet halls for celebrations, deluxe rooms for tourists, multi-cuisine restaurants of varied themes, across the city of Hyderabad.

Looking ahead, the Dhanturi brothers along with their next generation, intend to develop the Dhanturi Group by serving loyal customers and welcoming new customers into the Dhanturi Group Of Hotels family to provide a warm welcome, exceptional service and joyous memories.”

By serving delicious food in quantities reminiscent of a mother’s servings, we earned the trust, loyalty, and blessings of lakhs of customers who have supported us like pillars of steel ever since.

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